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How is everyone? I guess you've seen that I'm on a hiatus....again....
But that's because of school....next year I'm going to university...I've applied to study Chinese and Italian...Yaaaaay ahahaha

So today I wanted to ask and talk with everyone about Books.....

I've always liked books but it takes a lot for me to actually sit down and read them, I enjoy it, but Fanfics are better... ahahaha
“No two persons ever read the same book” ― Edmund WilsonCollapse )



It kind of seems that Yamada Ryosuke ran away from me though.... >.< Keep reading to know why....
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Hello :)
Does anyone know where in shibuya yamadas dads restaurant is?
If you do please tell me, if not here through message.
I wanted to go there tomorrow....
Thank tou

fanfic hunting

Hey guys so im looking for this yamachii chaptered fanfic but I cant find it and its really making me sad because I really want to read it so ill describe it ok???

so its yamachii like I said and chinen and his mum move to an old apartement and in chiis room theres a hole in the wall and he starts talking with yamada through it. Yamada doesnt want them to meet at first so they just talk through the little hole but then yamada and chinens mums become friends and they meet then falll in loveee all because of that hole in the wall....

any ideas of what the fic is called ? I tried to google it but it all come back and nc17 stuff because of the word 'hole'.....even though this fic is nc17....
thaaaaaaank you



Hope no one has forgotten about me? ehheheheeh

It's been ages since I write fanfics, and I've been under so much stress etc...

Remember my cat Princesa?


Unfortunately, she passed away on the 7th of April after having a fit the weekend prior to that. It was really hard to having to deal with a pet loss when you've had her for 13 years (bearing in mind I was 16). And it was during exam time so obviously I wasn't even sure what on earth I was doing...I'm still in exams but hopefully A level go well so I can get into a good university.

Me and Mum still feel a bit upset and so I decided to get a dog

2014-05-19 09.32.32

That is the dog I'm getting. He is still not ready to leave his mum and dad (only allowed at 2 months) so we have to wait 3 more weeks. I'm going to call him Domo <3

Keeping on with positive news I'm going on a study abroad to Japan on the 14th June until the 15th July. Will be spending 2 weeks in high school. I have a friend coming with me, and the 2 of us will have 3 different host families. Lots of moving around, but it should be fun!

Sorry for not updating in ages, but I hope everyone is doing well????
Even though I won't be writing for a while, I won't in any way stop reading or leave the fandom <3


Japanese Teacher

Anyone knows of a good Japanese teacher who will teach through Skype?
Also anyone that knows how much it'd be for an hour???

Thank you for the help :D


♥ Loving you ♥ Chapter 10 ♥

Title Loving you
Pairing: Yamada x oc (Mee)
Type Chaptered
Rating PG-13
Genre Romance, fluff, (as usual) and friendship I guess
Summary: An exchanged student goes to Tokyo for a year. This is her dream and she finally made it. Unknown to her the company chooses for her to stay with the Morimoto family. Which they tell her about 3 days before she leaves. Morimoto  and her become friends. And so he presents her to JUMP which Nicole is a big fan of. And gradually start falling in Love with one of the members. How will that go?
Word count: 1,555
A\N Well........I decided to start posting this again...You know...new year.....YaaaaaaY Hopefully I will be able to finish it this time....a year later.... :p xxx

"His lips were close to mine…almost touching nearly there"Collapse )

Happy 2014!!!!



This year......

Went by really quickly as usual.....

It wasn't a bad year.....I mean I graduated...Had my prom...Met amazing people....And had people leave my life which I'm actually happy about....I think This year was fabulous and to be honest....I'm happy with everything that happened and I think god for letting it happen...I lost friends but that was because they were never my real friends to start with and loosing them made me closer to the people that actually like and care about me....

I'm hoping 2014 will be even better than 2013 ever was...I hope my dreams come true and I hope I am successful in everything I wand to do.

I hope everyone in here has the best year of the lives, let 2014 bring you lots of joy, health and love.

Do your best, smile everyday and good things will happen.

--Nicole xx



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I'll follow back <3

Its all about Japaaaaaaan <3